twitlonger av liam

and so another tour has ended and i just want to say how amazing it has been
we have such a great time on the road i really wish you guys could see just how much fun we have as i know lots of people seem to think that our friendship is fake and its all put on.
i literally spend every day with these boys and they are my best mates they know everything about me and so do i about them, and i have to say im so glad that they are the boys that got picked because vie never met four nicer lads who i really get along with and make me laff no matter what mood im in.
so here come the thankyous
you guys have literally been amazing every place we have toured in all over you guys always show your support in so many ways and we love you guys for it
without you i wouldn't have met my best friends or any of my new friends vie found along the way so thank you so much for the best opportunity ever and i hope next tour will be as fun as this one for all of you
love you all liam


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