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"The boys in the BBC Radio 1 studios earlier x"



Ah those One Direction lads, we just love to chase ‘em! Or stalk on the internet rather, which is what we mostly do since we’re a wee bit lazy. And busy.

But, as a fellow 1D fan, have you ever wondered what Harry Styles,Liam PayneNiall HoranZayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson really think about us all? Espesh when we’re going crazy just to get a glimpse of them? Wonder no more…

In their recent interview with Company magazine, 1D talked about what it’s like to get mobbed by fans, and the unusual things that have happened.
“I’m given spoons by some fans, even though I have a phobia of them,” said Liam. A phobia of spoons? What? “I can hold them but I can’t use them,” he added. Ermmm, okay...

“Fans always ask me if I’ll marry them,” said Niall. “So I’m going to have lots of wives!” - Niall
“Some dress in carrot costumes and give me carrots,” said Louis. Who, we imagine, finds this is a bit bemusing. But as Zayn explained, it’s because Louis once said he liked girls who eat carrots…

“Zayn gets the older fans,” said Liam, while the mysterious Mr Malik quietly acknowledged this fact.

Ehh, is this an awkward ‘don’t mention Rebecca Ferguson’ moment?

“Harry’s fans are hardcore,” said Zayn. “They follow us everywhere and sleep in our hotels.”



om london




One Direction prepare to take over the world

Since coming 3rd in last season’s X Factor, One Direction have been scuttling around the world recording their debut album, much to their huge army of fan’s excitement.  London to L.A etc etc, the five boys are now getting ready to premiere their debut single on radio 1 this week.

They’ll be releasing their first single “What makes you beautiful” with the b-side ‘“Na Na Na” on September 11th 2011 and you can hear it first on the Scott Mills radio show on Wednesday 10th August from 6.30am.  Despite the single’s unheard status, they’ve managed to secure themselves a comfy spot and number 2 in the Itunes chart already, purely on pre-orders.

Ensuring that they appeal to more than just the teenage girls (although we know their mum’s all secretly would too), they’ll be appearing at G-A-Y on Saturday 17th September 2011.  If you’re under 18, not gay, and not a regular of the club, don’t expect to get in to see them, they’re particularly famous about being particularly particular about who they let in, especially on nights with pretty boybands.

We’ve heard the song, it’s pretty damn good, granted I thought I was listening to Summer Nights to begin with, but it’s funky, summery, and very catchy.  Definitely a guilty pleasure of ours!




Liam i sin nya lägenhet som han har köpt

Den ligger i London och dom andra killarna har också köpt lägenheter och dom är på samma område :)


One direction har slagit världsrekord och är det första bandet som blev nummer 1 på Itunes utan att ens ha släppt albumet!! :D

killarna med harrys mamma


❤ ❤


Hela What makes you beautiful

På onsdag kommer BBC radio 1 ha en intervju med killarna och vi kommer även att få höra What makes you beautiful för första gången!! I engelsk tid är det 08.00 och i svensk tid är det 09.00 på morgonen!!

ny look på 1ds hemsida

Klicka på bilden för att komma till den

Lyssna på radio 1

Klicka på bilden för att lyssna på radio 1. självaste intervjun börjar vid 5.30 i svensk tid!

Om 1ds singel

"what makes you beautiful" kommer gå att ladda ner den 11 september och man kan köpa den i affärer den 12 september :D

The wristbands were Harry's! Guess who owns these?



Guess who?

FB anteckning 3

1D still need you! Thank you to everyone who submitted "What" and "Makes"… there's only two days to go until the special One Direction announcement and we now need you to submit a picture of yourself, or your friends holding a sign with the word "You" written on it. Remember to be creative and the most inspired submissions will be added to a special 1D gallery!



Please note this isn't a competition, it's just for fun! More news coming soon!


dagens bild

Just nu är det dålig uppdatering för att den inte finns så många nyheter om killarna :/

idag på photoshooten

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